Brut IPA: A Sparkling Immersion in the World of Craft Beers


The world of beer is constantly evolving, driven by endless innovation. Among the styles recently introduced, Brut IPA occupies a special place. First brewed in the San Francisco brewing nebula, this light, effervescent and intriguing beer has made a name for itself on the beer lover’s podium.

What is a Brut IPA?

Brut IPA is a variation on the classic India Pale Ale (IPA) style, but with its own distinct characteristics. Its name “Brut”, borrowed from wine jargon, refers to the dryness of champagne, which immediately indicates the key qualities of this beer: a dry, sparkling and refined character.

What really sets Brut IPA apart is the use of a specific enzyme, amylase, in its brewing process. This enzyme has the property of breaking down non-fermentable complex sugars into simple sugars, which the yeast can consume entirely during fermentation. The result is a beer in which almost all the sugars have been fermented, offering an exceptionally dry taste experience.

The Taste of a Brut IPA

A glass of Brut IPA is a veritable palette of flavors. Dominant aromas are often fruity, reminiscent of citrus, tropical fruit or pine, notes typically associated with American hops. The bitterness, though present, remains subtle and is offset by the dryness characteristic of this style.

The finish is remarkably dry, a characteristic reinforced by the beer’s effervescence. The fine, persistent bubbles contribute to the impression of lightness, while the complexity of the aromas lingers on the palate, inviting further tasting.

How to enjoy a Brut IPA?

Served between 6 and 8°C, Brut IPA is an excellent beer for tasting. Its refreshing effervescence and lightness make it the perfect choice for an aperitif, where it will whet your appetite. It goes particularly well with tapas, seafood or soft cheeses, whose flavors are enhanced by the beer’s dryness and effervescence.

The Best of Both Worlds

Brut IPA succeeds in combining the best of IPAs and champagne. It offers the aromatic complexity and bitterness of an IPA, combined with the lightness, fine bubbles and dryness of Champagne. It’s an exciting exploration for those who love craft beers and are ready to discover flavors beyond traditional styles.


Brut IPA is an invitation to an extraordinary taste journey. With its unique profile, marked by notable dryness, refined effervescence and a bouquet of complex aromas, it offers a tasting experience apart. Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover looking for new experiences, or a novice ready to enter the world of craft beer, Brut IPA deserves to be explored and savored.

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