The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Beer Glass

Introduction In the world of beer, there is an incredible diversity of styles, flavors and traditions. However, an often overlooked but absolutely essential element for enjoying a beer is the beer glass. The Importance of the Beer Glass Many people think that the beer glass is simply a container to hold the drink. However, we […]

The majestic Barley Wine: A tasting not to be missed

What is Barley Wine? Barley Wine is not a barley wine, as its name might suggest, but a beer of extraordinary richness. It is produced using a large quantity of malted barley, which gives this beer its dark color, powerful flavor and high alcohol content, which can exceed 10%. Origins of Barley Wine The origins […]

Rye Beers: A Rustic and Tasty Pleasure

At Les Brasseurs Parisiens, we’re passionate about the art of brewing beer. Today, we’d like to share with you our expertise on a type of beer that’s gaining in popularity: rye beer. Discover the unique characteristics of this rustic beverage and savour its rich flavours. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the history, ingredients, […]

Brut IPA: A Sparkling Immersion in the World of Craft Beers

Introduction The world of beer is constantly evolving, driven by endless innovation. Among the styles recently introduced, Brut IPA occupies a special place. First brewed in the San Francisco brewing nebula, this light, effervescent and intriguing beer has made a name for itself on the beer lover’s podium. What is a Brut IPA? Brut IPA […]

Craft micro-brewery

A craft micro-brewery is a small-scale brewing operation that focuses on producing high-quality craft beers. These breweries are distinguished by their meticulous approach to brewing, using carefully selected ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods. One of the key characteristics of a craft micro-brewery is its limited production. Unlike large commercial breweries, microbreweries generally produce a much […]