Icelandic beer: discover Iceland’s best breweries!

This winter, Coline went on a tour of Iceland, without a precise itinerary, taking advantage of the freedom to get lost at random and discover magnificent places. Despite the seasonal chill, she had planned to track down a few good places to try Icelandic beer, and she generously shares her discoveries with us.

A complex history of Icelandic beer

In Iceland, the sale of alcohol is monopolized by the state, and Vinbudin stores are the only ones authorized to sell beer and wine containing more than 2.25% alcohol. Beer was reintroduced late after Prohibition in 1989 and has long suffered from a negative reputation. However, in recent years, Icelandic microbreweries have experienced a similar boom to the rest of Europe, with even some of the country’s major industries launching their own in-house microbreweries.

Coline was seduced by Einstök Brewery’s Arctic Pale Ale, a thirst-quenching beer with a balanced hop flavor, light notes of bread, yeast and a pleasant bitterness. Einstök is one of Iceland’s best-known beer brands. Its brewmaster, Daldur Karason, learned the art of brewing in Germany and Scotland before returning to Iceland to open his brewery in Akureyri. The brewery’s emblem, a Viking warrior, reflects the Nordic heritage of Icelandic beer.

Discover Icelandic beer

Unfortunately, the article doesn’t provide specific information on the interior and atmosphere of breweries in Iceland. However, we can imagine that Icelandic breweries offer a warm and friendly atmosphere, reflecting the welcoming spirit of the island. Visitors can probably expect to taste delicious craft beers in an authentic setting, perhaps with design elements inspired by Icelandic nature. Breweries can offer guided tours and tastings to enable visitors to discover the different varieties of Icelandic beers while learning more about brewing techniques and the history of beer in the country.

Explore more about Icelandic beer

For beer lovers, there are many resources available to discover more about Icelandic beer and brewing culture. Une Petite Mousse, the site mentioned in the article, offers a community of over 160,000 beer lovers, subscription boxes, advent calendars and brewing kits. Their blog is dedicated to craft beer, with recipes for beer-based cooking, reviews of the international lacraft beer scene, tasting tips and articles on beerology and hops. Joining their community allows you to stay up to date with their articles and enjoy the world of craft beer.

The pleasure of craft beer

Craft beer has become a real passion for many enthusiasts. It offers a variety of unique flavors and styles, allowing beer lovers to discover new taste experiences. If you’re looking for quality craft beers in Paris, you can also explore local breweries. A well-known Parisian craft brewery is Brasserie Paris, which offers a selection of high-quality craft beers brewed with passion and expertise. You can discover their range of craft beers by visiting their website.

Gluten-free beer

For beer lovers following a gluten-free diet, Brasserie Paris also offers gluten-free beer options. Their gluten-free beers are brewed with specific ingredients that guarantee the absence of gluten while retaining a delicious taste. If you’re looking for gluten-free beers in Paris, Brasserie Paris is the place to discover tasty, high-quality options.

Whether you want to explore Icelandic beer, order beers online or discover craft breweries in Paris, there are plenty of options to choose from. Dive into the exciting world of beer and savor unique, exquisite flavors.

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