La Brasserie La Débauche: The Summit of Creativity and Craftsmanship


Welcome to the fascinating world of La Débauche, a craft brewery that has been brilliantly distinguishing itself from its competitors for several years. Today, it is considered one of France’s most appreciated and respected breweries by experts. What’s his recipe for success? Talent, passion and… exceptional collaborations. Let us take you behind the scenes of this exceptional brewery!

Brasserie La Débauche: Un Talent sans Limite

It’s hard to find a beer as accomplished in terms of universe and quality as those of La Débauche! Founded in 2013 in Angoulême, this craft brewery is the fruit of the hard work of Eglantine and Aurélien, two enthusiasts keen to brew characterful, refined local beers. Their gamble has paid off: in just 7 years, they have created over 30 successful recipes. Incredibly, they have already brewed 6,000 hectolitres (600,000 liters) of these precious beers! To keep pace with this growth, the team recently welcomed three talented new members.

Among the brewery’s most famous beers is “Slap A Banker”. This 12% Barley Wine beer is a thumbing of the nose at the bankers who refused to support the founders when they launched La Débauche. This beer is described as “cash and opulent”, a veritable “liquid revenge” according to the brewers, with its intense taste and flaming red color.

It’s good to indulge in a bit of debauchery sometimes, and Aurélien, the brewer behind La Débauche, understands this! It’s true that their offering includes a few classics (executed to perfection, needless to say), such as the “Cute&Sober” raspberry non-alcoholic beer or their classic IPA prepared according to the rules of the art. However, these beers are the exception that proves the rule.

La Débauche’s real added value lies in the bold, rebellious character of its creations. Among these prodigious eccentricities, you’ll discover Sours brewed with fresh fruit, extremely hoppy Pale Ales, recipes incorporating pastries and chocolate, and even exceptional barrel-aged beers… Each bottle of La Débauche is a true statement of creativity!

To better understand the diversity of beers offered by La Débauche :

Slap A BankerBarley Wine beer, 12% alcohol, opulent with a deep red color.
Fresh fruit sourA sour brewed with fresh fruit, offering a fruity, tangy freshness.
Very hoppy Pale AleA disproportionately hoppy pale ale with a pronounced bitterness and aromatic intensity.
Beer with pastries, chocolateBeer combining pastry and chocolate flavours for a unique gourmet experience
Barrel-aged beersExceptional barrel-aged beers with outstanding character after aging

This table highlights the diversity of the beers offered by La Débauche, ranging from richly fruity flavors to intense hoppy beers and gourmet creations combining pastries and chocolate. And let’s not forget our exceptional barrel-aged beers, which offer unique characteristics after maturation.

Hiring an Artist for an Exceptional Beer

Taking advantage of its location in the world capital of comic strips, this Angoulême brewery has harnessed the region’s artistic potential! Every La Débauche beer label is the original work of a local or international artist, whether graphic designer, illustrator, tattoo artist or street artist.

Bottles of La Débauche never go unnoticed! They feature unbridled, specially designed creations by artists such as Zoé Crevette, Tracy Lewis, The Dulk and Andre Sanchez, to name but a few.

To illustrate this, let’s take the example of their IPA, whose label was designed by graffiti artist Möön. This shimmering, explosive label perfectly reflects all the gustatory emotions felt when tasting this unique beer!

Each bottle of La Débauche beer is a true work of art that transports your taste buds and your spirit. It’s an experience of rare expressiveness that you won’t soon forget!


The success of La Débauche is clear proof that indulging in debauchery can have extraordinary, even exquisite results. Brasserie La Débauche is now one of France’s most renowned craft breweries! Find out more below. Their beers are regularly available in our online store!

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